Study Finds Watching ‘Love Island’ Can Cause Gradual Shrinking Of The Brain

A study carried out by the National Research Institute has found that watching reality show Love Island can cause your brain to get gradually smaller. Over a hundred avid fans of the show were tested and all of them were found to have suffered at least some degree of brain shrinkage since the new series began.

Love Island is a British reality tv show that’s hugely popular with thick people. The producers of the show took the concept of Big Brother and somehow managed to make it even worse. People who live near the cemetery in Scotland where the inventor of television John Logie Baird is buried claim they can actually hear him turning in his grave every time it comes on.

Britney Clarke runs the Love Island fan club and Facebook page and we asked her what she thought about the results of the study.

She told us “Shut up! Ur thick more like!!! No-one cares mate! Best tv show eva!!!! You don’t no nuffink! Just coz ur ugly! Go watch the news u borin twat! PISS OFF U WANKA!”

The new series of Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and every weeknight for the next eight fucking months.