Victory For Ireland As Gobshite Voted World’s Greatest Swear Word

A global survey to find out what the world’s greatest swear word is has concluded with Ireland taking gold for Gobshite. Countries were asked to submit their top 5 swear words and an extensive worldwide survey was carried out in which people of all ages were asked to name their favorite.

Professor Wolfgang Muller from the University of Berlin carried out the survey and he told us what the world’s other best loved swear words are.

“Gobshite was the outright winner but there were some other superb swear words with most of the popular ones coming from a select few countries where people tend to use foul language a lot. The UK for example had several words in the top 20 with Cockwomble, Shitmagnet and Thundercunt doing very well.”

The Professor said many swear words are universal, with the same word being used in several different languages. He also explained that the popularity of certain swear words varied quite a lot between the different age groups.

“Older people still have a fondness for the simple classics like bastard, shit, fuck and cunt. The younger generations however can be more creative with their swearing and they tended to opt for words like Knobjockey and Fucknugget.”

Professor Muller said swearing tends to evolve over the years and each generation brings its own unique words to the art of swearing.

“A reasonably new trend which I’m a big fan of is putting two swear words together to make a super swear word. Like Arsebastard or Shitcunt. You could say they have double the strength of a single swear word. A conversation might go like, What do you think of Brian? I think he’s a shitcunt. It just has a certain elegance to it.”

The Irish delegate collected the award at a socially distanced ceremony in Budapest last night and will be welcomed back to Ireland as returning heroes by President Higgins at Dublin Airport later this week.