United Left Alliance Sack Party Member For Wearing Tie


The United Left Alliance have sacked Dublin councillor Fintan O’Callaghan from the party after he was photographed wearing a suit and tie. An official statement said all members have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner befitting membership of the party and that they have a certain image to uphold.

“Fintan has left himself down and he knows it. If we let this go, before you know it lads will be wearing shoes into Dáil Eireann instead of converse. It’s a slippery slope. Put simply it goes totally against our image of being a party of scruffy bastards.”

Mr. O’Callaghan said the news of his sacking from the party comes as a huge shock and he can’t understand what he has done wrong.

“I saw someone wearing a nice suit and tie on telly and I thought it looked good so I decided that was what I was going to wear on Sunday. Just for one day. It was me Da’s funeral after all.”