“America Must Pay For The Wall I Said Mexico Would Pay For”


WASHINGTON – As U.S. Democrats continue to refuse to fund Donald Trump’s controversial wall along the Mexican border, the President let his temper get the better of him during a heated press conference yesterday.

The stalemate has led to a shutdown of government departments with over 800,000 employees off work without pay and Mr. Trump threatening to keep it going for “months or even years” if congress doesn’t approve $5bn to fund the wall.

Trump began by taking a swipe at the Democrat Party.

“They’re enemies of the people.” he told reporters. “I don’t recall any of these traitors objecting to the Great Wall of China. Now all of a sudden they have a problem with walls. They don’t want America to win!”

One CNN reporter then put it to Mr. Trump that he had promised that Mexico would pay for the wall and now he was asking American taxpayers to foot the bill.

“Fake News! Mexico is actually paying for the wall through the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement so shut your fat face. I want my fucking wall!”

The agreement Trump is referring to hasn’t even been ratified and independent experts have expressed serious doubts that it would ever lead to Mexico directly or indirectly paying a single cent towards the construction of the wall.

President Trump however is adamant the wall will be built and repeated his claim that it will be completed by the end of 2020. Mexican president AndrĂ©s Obrador welcomed Mr. Trump’s prediction and said he intends to have his tunnel under the wall finished around the same time.