Trump Still Hugely Popular With The Gun-Toting Bible-Quoting Nutjob Community


A nationwide survey in the U.S. has found that Donald Trump is still hugely popular among gun-toting, bible-quoting, anti-vaxxer nutjobs. The survey also found that the President enjoys massive support in what might be described as less advanced areas and is particularly popular within the inbred community.

So what is it that makes people support a man with no compassion, humour, warmth, wisdom, charm, class, subtlety, humility, honour, grace or soul? We asked Trump voters what it is about him that makes them think ‘That’s the guy who should be running our country.’

Jeremiah Williams from Blackwater in Florida describes himself as an American patriot and said he hopes President Trump gets another 4 years in the White House.

“I believe President Trump was sent here by Jesus to protect the American people against Isis and the Mexicans. The lamestream media lies about our President and makes fake videos of him saying we should inject disinfectant. Well he never said that and anyway he was being sarcastic when he said it so shut up! You want the terrorists to win. The only real news that tells the truth is the internet. But only the websites that support Trump. The ones that don’t support him are lying.”

Bob Langton from Brunswick in Georgia says he is President Trump’s number one supporter and he prays every day that the Democrats will never get back into power again.

“The Democrats want to take our guns and introduce Sharia law in America just like Hitler did in communist Germany. Well let me tell you something, Jesus was a Christian and if he was around today he’d be a Republican and he’d have an assault rifle by his side. What America needs right now is less commies and immigrants and more bibles and machine guns. Fuck all y’all and build that wall. God bless America and President Trump. 4 more years motherfuckers!”

With the Presidential election just months away, the latest opinion polls suggest it’s going to be very close between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The President’s horrendous performance during the coronavirus pandemic probably won’t make a single Trump supporter vote against him. During the upcoming campaign he will no doubt again change the conversation and shift the blame for America’s shocking death toll onto everyone from Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin. The question is will his supporters fall for the same bullshit again. The answer is of course they fucking will.