Travellers Halting Site Discovered On The Moon


A group of Irish travellers have set up camp on the moon according to NASA officials. The space agency said they had been closely monitoring strange lights on the surface of the moon for the past few days and can now confirm that it’s actually a halting site.

Spokesman Leon Kowalski explained what has been happening so far.

“We’ve been watching and listening in for several days now and at first we were convinced they were alien life forms because they seem to communicate in a strange, obscure dialect. The best scientific minds, language experts and code breakers on the planet couldn’t decipher a word but to our astonishment an Irish colleague came in one day and immediately understood around 50% of everything they were saying.”

Irish Traveller Association’s Martin Connors said he’s not surprised at the news.

“We’re running out of places to pull in down here coz they keep putting up bollards and concrete blocks to keep us out. Blatant racism against the travelling community. As my Father always used to say, it’s a sad day for this country when an Irishman has to emigrate to the moon.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar meanwhile has said the Irish government is willing to repatriate the travellers, telling reporters “Those people on the moon are Irish citizens and as such should be provided with suitable accommodation in our country. Just nowhere near my house.”