Traveller Challenges Peter Casey To A Fight


A traveller who spoke out against Peter Casey’s controversial comments during the presidential campaign has now challenged him to a fight.

Casey outrageously claimed that travellers camp on other people’s land and shockingly suggested that some of them don’t work or pay tax. Unemployed 27 year-old traveller Davey Joyce said he would like to be given the opportunity to question Casey regarding his offensive comments and also to bate his face in.

“You talk about the people who get up in the morning and go to work and don’t even mention those of us who have nothing. Not even a pot to piss in. Well you name the time and the place Casey and I’ll jump into the Range Rover right now and come and fight ya. Ya dirty good for nothing shite-in-a-bucket!”

Since his strong showing in the presidential election Peter Casey has said he would like to get involved in mainstream politics, however his comments on travellers seem to have frightened off many potential backers and the big parties have made it clear they want nothing to do with him.

During a press conference this morning Taoiseach Leo Varadker said he wouldn’t be welcome in Fine Gael.

“If Peter Casey can’t spout politically correct nonsense that he doesn’t really mean like the rest of us do then he has no place in Irish politics. Travellers are great and like all the other presidential candidates said in that TV debate, I also would love to live beside a halting site. There, see? It’s easy.”