Traveller Challenges Islamic State To A Fight


A member of the travelling community has challenged so-called Islamic State to a fight. 27 year-old Davey Joyce from Galway said recent Islamist terror attacks on innocent civilians across Europe has made his blood boil and he’s finally had enough. Joyce put a call-out video up on social media today.

“Listen here ya dirty terrorist bastards. Come and face me man to man and lets see how brave you are then ya filthy shite-in-a-bucket. That’s all ye are. A shite that someone did into a bucket. Get yer shirts off and yer fists up and I’ll bate the face off every last one of ye dirty pork-dodging terrorist knackers with yer dicky noses.”

Mr. Joyce challenged the Islamic terrorist group to name a time and a place of their choosing and said he’d be there “no bother”.

“I wouldn’t blame ye covering up yer women either with their moustaches and sideburns. The first man brave enough to fight me I’m going to hold you down and shite into your mouth. A big hairy one. Allah can’t save you now. I’ll shove your Islamic State flag so far up your scabby hole it’ll come out your mouth. You’ll be plucking shite out of your teeth for the rest of your life. Come on ye cowards! Who’s first for a bating?”

Islamic State have yet to respond to the video.