Toy Show Kids Shocking All Night Bender At RTE After-Show Party


Shocking images emerging from RTE this morning appear to show the young stars of last night’s Toy Show enjoying hospitalities a little too much at the traditional after-show party. Eye witnesses say the children took full advantage of the free bar and were still at it in the early hours of this morning.

“They were a nightmare.” said barman Paul Quinn. “Absolute pissheads the lot of them. You would never think they were the same kids you’d just watched being all cute and adorable on the Toy Show. It’s scary how quickly a 4 year-old can change after just a few glasses of wine.”

Paul said the kids were all in top form at first, singing and congratulating each other on a great show but it wasn’t long before they began fighting, throwing food at bar staff and urinating on tables.

“Little bastards pissed everywhere. It’s the worst night I’ve had since that show last year when Peter Casey and his supporters got lambasted by all the rowdy travellers in the audience. They came in here for a few drinks when the show was over and smashed the place up. I’m sorry but those people are animals. Imagine if we’d let the travellers in as well.”