Ryan Tubridy ‘I never would have accepted those secret payments if I knew we’d get caught’

Ryan Tubridy has apologised to the Irish public and said he never would have accepted secret payments on top of his official wages if he knew he’d get caught.

The former Late Late Show host was talking to reporters outside his Dublin home yesterday and also had some news about the extra €345,000 he was paid.

“Unfortunately I’ve decided to keep the money. I’m as disappointed as you are to hear this but it’s just one of those things. If we stick together as a nation, I believe we’ll get through this and come out the other end better off. I certainly will. Lol.”

When the story broke last week, Tubridy said he was “surprised” at the revelations. However, he later said he “should have asked questions at the time.” One statement clearly contradicts the other, meaning one of them is a lie.

One positive from all of this is the chances of the price of a tv licence being increased are now dead in the water. Although the TV licence won’t be abolished altogether, so inspectors will continue going door to door. They’ll just be accompanied by heavily armed guards from now on so they don’t get the shite kicked out of them.