‘It’s A Sad Day When You Can’t Do Without The Pub’ Says Man Getting Buckled At Home


A local man has said that it’s a sad day if you can’t enjoy St. Patrick’s day without going to the pub. 32 year-old Brian Dempsey from Tullamore said he doesn’t need to be in a pub to enjoy himself although he did admit that he’s going to get absolutely buckled at home.

“Well obviously I’m going to drink, it’s St. Patrick’s day. I’m not a total weirdo. But I don’t have to be in the pub drinking pints to enjoy myself. 24 cans will do the same job.”

We put it to Brian that he’s talking a load of old bollocks and asked him what’s the difference between getting drunk in a pub or at home.

“Anyone who doesn’t drink on St. Patrick’s day isn’t Irish in my book. Not drinking on Paddy’s day is the same as not putting up a Christmas tree at Christmas and anyone who doesn’t wake up with a banging hangover the day after St. Patrick’s day should be stripped of their Irish citizenship. We have a reputation to uphold and we all need to play our part.”