‘Yeah Applause Are Great But You Can Also Thank Us With Wine’ Say Nurses


Nurses all over the country are asking people to consider thanking them in other ways rather than by just clapping. The frontline workers are regularly applauded for what they have been doing during the coronavirus pandemic but say there’s really no point in standing at your front door clapping because they can’t hear you. Nurses Association spokesperson Gráinne Donnelly said it’s time for a fresh approach.

“Don’t get me wrong, we do appreciate the sentiment but there are much nicer ways to show your appreciation. Like wine for example. Or vodka. When I get home after a hard day I like to wind down with a nice glass of red, not a nice round of applause.”

Gráinne said the Nurses Association of Ireland have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money called Wine For Nurses. The page is only up and running two days now but has already raised over €50,000.

“That’s a lot of liquor and it’s going to bring a lot of nurses a lot of pleasure. Thank you Ireland. That’s how to show your appreciation. And to be perfectly honest the applause thing was really starting to get on our tits.”