Lottery Winner Blows It All On Round Of Drinks In Temple Bar

Temple Bar

A man who won the National Lottery has blown the lot by buying himself and his family and friends a round of drinks in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Patrick McCormack from Drogheda admitted that it may not have been the most sensible thing to do with his winnings but says it was worth it.

“I just wanted to experience how it felt to be filthy stinking rich.” he told the Drogheda Gazette. “I marched in there and told everyone that money was no option. When the wife asked if she could have a cocktail, I said yes. When someone else asked for crisps, I said yes. I didn’t care. I felt like I was the President of Ireland. Only not as short as him obviously.

This month alone 12 people have dropped dead immediately after being handed their drinks bill in a pub in Temple Bar. There are yachts in Malahide Marina that cost less but Patrick says he has no regrets.

“I knew I was burning through my winnings when one of the kids asked for a second glass of tap water but it didn’t matter. What’s a lifetime of financial security compared to buying a round of drinks in Temple Bar and not caring how much it costs? Who else can say they’ve ever done that? Bono maybe. Me and Bono. That’s it I’d say.”

Unfortunately for Patrick he didn’t realise his son Kevin ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwich after he had blown all his winnings on the drinks bill and his house is currently being repossessed to pay for the sandwich.