Croatia Manager Says They’ll Score A Goal While England Players Are Taking The Knee

Manager of the Croatian football team Zlatko Dalić has confirmed his side’s intention of scoring a goal in tomorrow’s game against England while the English players are taking the knee. The gesture of going down on one knee originated among American footballers in protest against alleged police brutality in the US and has since been adopted by football players in some other countries too but Dalić doesn’t see the point.

“If they think they’re going to achieve something by kneeling for a few seconds that’s their business but where I come from, when the whistle blows the game begins. We’ve been practicing taking shots from the halfway line and I’m very confident we’ll be going one-nil in front in the first few seconds of the game. I just have one message for the England goalkeeper. Remember, if you stand up and save it, you’re a racist. Lol.”

Unsurprisingly England manager Gareth Southgate reacted angrily to the comments and said he hopes the match officials will step in and disallow the goal if Croatia carry out their threat.

“When my players take the knee, American police officers stop killing black people and if we don’t do it they’ll start killing them again. Don’t forget we’re one of the favourites to win this tournament. Yeah I know. We haven’t won a trophy in 55 years but for some reason the bookies keep making us favourites and if Croatia score a goal while we’re not looking, that losing streak could continue. Let’s face it, we’re already shit, we don’t need this as well.”

England’s Euro 2020 campaign kicks off against Croatia tomorrow at 2pm and ends in two weeks time when they’ll get knocked out by a team that the British press will refer to as ‘inferior opposition’ even though they will clearly be superior in every way.