Calls For Automatic Prison Sentences For People Who Put Sweet Wrappers Back In Tin


The government is coming under increasing pressure to introduce new laws which will mean automatic prison sentences for people who put sweet wrappers back in the tin.

Every year during the Christmas holidays people all over Ireland put their hands into a tin of sweets only to pull out a handful of empty wrappers. It can be infuriating and Labour’s John Coughlan believes it’s time something was done about it.

“There’s no point in handing out fines to these people ‘coz they’ll just keep doing it. What we need is a real deterrent and that means automatic prison sentences. Put them behind bars so they can spend time thinking about what they’ve done. It’s the only way they’ll change their ways. Ten years should do it.”

It is hoped TD’s will seriously consider debating and introducing the new law when they return from their Christmas holidays in March.