Successful Irish Citizenship Applicants Learn To Chant ‘Ooh Ah Up The Ra’ At Dublin Ceremony

Nearly 1,000 people were conferred with Irish citizenship at a special ceremony held in Dublin yesterday.

The event saw applicants from 92 countries take the oath of allegiance to Ireland before Minister for Justice Helen McEntee led them all in a chorus of “Ooh Ah Up the Ra!”

During the ceremony, the successful applicants each received a Certificate of Naturalisation, but only after they declared their undying love for soda bread and promised to always support the other team whenever England play a football match.

The ceremony ended with the group reciting an oath together in which they pledged that from this day forward they will call a cupboard a “press” and refer to soft drinks as “minerals.”

Some of the group couldn’t wait to prove their newfound Irishness and headed straight to Copperface Jacks where they got extremely drunk and ended their first night as Irish citizens with a traditional Irish punch-up in the local chippers. Up the Ra!