Susan Boyle Completely Unrecognisable After Million Dollar Makeover


Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle stunned the entertainment world yesterday when she revealed her incredible new look in an exclusive photo shoot and interview with style magazine Fashion Weekly. The 57-year-old is completely unrecognisable after one of America’s top plastic surgeons gave her a million dollar makeover.

Susan hadn’t been seen in public for several months and rumours were rife that she had gone under the knife at Dr. Marco Van Hasslehoff’s private clinic in Beverly Hills. It is believed she spent the last two months recovering from her procedure at the Hollywood mansion of her good friend Simon Cowell and as our picture shows, the results are amazing.

Susan told Fashion Weekly that her incredible transformation has changed her life completely. “I won’t be stuck for the ride anymore that’s for sure.” she joked. “I’m ready for action so come and get it boys.”

The new image obviously comes with a new attitude too because musically Susan has gone in an entirely different direction from her previous work.

“I’ll tell you right now you can forget all that ‘I dreamed a dream’ bollocks.” she said. “I only sang that shite because Simon made me. I’ve always been a hip-hop girl at heart and it was a dream come true when my two biggest heroes in the whole world – Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre – agreed to produce my new record.”

Susan Boyle’s new album ‘Songs For Bitches’ is out now.