Local Man Marks Himself As ‘Safe’ After Heroically Surviving Storm Brendan


A local man has marked himself as ‘safe’ on Facebook after he somehow managed to survive Storm Brendan. 25 year-old Brian Martin from Kildare said he counts himself fortunate to be alive after what he describes as a lucky escape.

“I saw on Facebook that a tree fell on the Clane Road and my heart nearly stopped. I couldn’t believe it. That’s less than 25 miles from my house. I could’ve been driving past that tree just as it fell. I mean it’s unlikely ‘coz I’ve never driven down that road and to be honest I don’t drive or have a car but still, I could’ve been killed!”

Brian said it’s not the first time he’s come close to death and it probably won’t be the last.

“Remember the terrorist attack on London Bridge just a few months back? Well guess what? I was there!! In London. About five years ago. I was flying to Florida and had to change flights at Heathrow. I know, right? I guess danger just has a habit of following me wherever I go.”

Brian said these things always happen in threes so he’s preparing for his next close encounter with the grim reaper.

“Just say a prayer for me and please God I’ll somehow manage to cheat death a third time.”