Man Organises Stag Party Without Creating A F***ing WhatsApp Group


A local man has somehow managed to organise his best friend’s stag do without discussing it for 3 months beforehand with all the other lads on a WhatsApp group called Tom’s Stag.

Liam Hogan said he organised the party by sending out a text because he doesn’t see any need to exchange hundreds of messages and gifs of ducks drinking beer and naked drunk men tied to lamposts in an annoying WhatsApp group when all anybody really needs to know is where and when.

Hogan told us: “I sent them all a text that read ‘Tom’s Stag in Clancy’s next Saturday from 2pm’ and they all replied ‘Grand’. That was it really. I thought about sending back a thumbs up or a smiley face but then I remembered I’m not 12.”

WhatsApp was created by William WhatsApp in 2009 as a way of sending text and multimedia messages free of charge. The App really took off with the creation of the WhatsApp Group and at the time of writing there are currently around 45 million WhatsApp groups worldwide. However new groups are created at such astonishing speed that as you read the end of this sentence there are now around 46 million.

Liam Hogan who organised the stag party however says he has no interest in being in any more WhatsApp groups.

“I’m in one and that’s enough for me. It’s just the Family group but like all groups there’s always that one person who keeps putting up posts that nobody else wants to see. That’s why I’m not a fan. In our case it’s pure filth. Not everybody’s comfortable with that sort of thing but if you’re in the group you’re going to see it. I’ve told her loads of times ‘Stop posting pornography on the Family WhatsApp group Granny’ but she thinks it’s hilarious.”