Smug Prick On Holidays Delighted To Hear Weather’s Shite Back Home

Smug Prick

A smug prick who is currently on holidays in the Canary Islands says he’s delighted to hear the weather is shite back home. Brian Fennelly from Blackrock in Dublin only arrived in Lanzarote yesterday but has already uploaded 45 photos of himself having a cocktail on the beach.

“I hear it’s lashing in Ireland. Brilliant! If there’s one thing that’s essential for having a great holiday it’s knowing they’re having terrible weather at home. Please God everyone’s getting drenched as we speak, lol.”

Brian said that rather than sunbathing, swimming or sight-seeing he likes to spend most of his holiday on the internet checking what the weather is like in Ireland and then uploading photos of himself just in case any of his friends had forgotten where he is since he last reminded them 20 minutes ago.

“Do we get tsunamis in Ireland?” he wondered. “Imagine if they got one tonight and it left a trail of death and destruction in its wake. I could post another photo of myself on the beach saying ‘How’s the weather back home lol?’ I’d definitely put a lol in that one. Lol.”