Study Finds Men Who Work Out Excessively Tend To Have Small Willies


A study carried out by the International Institute of Scientific Research has found that most men who work out excessively have tiny little willies.

Dr. Raymond Daly carried out the study and he explained why this seems to be the case.

“Forced enlargement of muscles in one area of the body can cause shrinkage in other areas. We found that a disproportionate number of men with very large biceps have very small knobs.”

Dr. Daly said they found way too many well-built muscular men with the same issue for it to be a coincidence.

“We carried out extensive research on a global scale and the results are conclusive. It is without question a direct result of their excessive workouts that these men now find themselves with smaller than average willies.”

Dr. Daly said his next research project will be to find out why all female athletes tend to have hilariously small breasts.