Simon Cowell To Sue Plastic Surgeon For Putting His Eyes Back In Upside Down

Simon Cowell has decided to sue his plastic surgeon after his eyeballs were put back in upside-down.

The X Factor judge paid Dr Wolfgang Gutentag over $10,000 for his face-lift in Beverly Hills last year but ended up looking like a wax doll that was left too near a fire.

To add insult to injury Dr Gutentag admitted he mistakenly put Cowell’s eyes back in upside-down, as well as at different levels and looking in different directions.

We asked plastic surgeon Dr Kevin Connolly to analyse photos of Cowell’s face and give us his opinion on the work he’s had done.

“Well the bottom half of his face looks happy while the top half looks really sad. His mouth is permanently smiling but his eyes are saying please kill me. I don’t think putting the eyeballs back in the right way round will help either. He’s still going to look like one of those bank robbers with the woman’s stocking pulled over their face.”

Britain’s Got Talent returned to our screens last week and viewers were shocked to see Simon looking even weirder this season. Someone who clearly hasn’t got talent is his plastic surgeon Dr Gutentag and Cowell intends to sue him for all he’s worth.

It just goes to show, you can have all the money in the world but once you start messing around with plastic surgery your face is always going to end up looking like someone stretched a balloon over a bag of turkey giblets. Don’t do it folks. Grow old gracefully. You’ll actually look way better.