Disgraceful Scenes In Dublin Bar Forces Government To Shut Down Longford


The Government has said they have no option but to shut down County Longford after a video emerged showing customers not adhering to Covid-19 guidelines at a venue in Dublin.

The video, which has been widely shared online, was filmed at Berlin D2 on Dame Lane on Saturday afternoon and features a barman pouring drinks down people’s necks while they dance around with each other and basically stick two fingers up at our frontline workers.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly told reporters that he found the video disgraceful and promised swift action.

“This government will not tolerate this sort of thing and I can confirm that from tomorrow morning County Longford will be put on lockdown. Let this be a lesson to all bar and restaurant owners in the capital. And if we see any repeat of this type of behaviour in any more venues in Dublin we’ll close down Galway.”

Meanwhile a protest rally against water charges or America cops or something will go ahead today like most days in Dublin city centre with no social distancing and no Garda intervention because that’s just the way it is so stop moaning yiz bleedin’ culchies.