Now That’s What I Call Shit! – Out Now


Finally someone has gathered all the worst songs ever recorded and put them together to make one huge steaming pile of shit. And it’s out now. Now That’s What I Call Shit! 2 CD’s of the most terrible music ever made. If it’s puke music for 12 year-olds you’re into then this is the album for you.

Jedward. Drake. Kid Rock. R Kelly. One Direction. New Kids On The fucking Block. Remember them cunts? Boyzone. Mister Blobby. Westlife. Every winning X Factor song there ever was. Now That’s What I Call Shit! And there’s more. Lots more shit!

Barbie Girl. Achy Breaky Heart. Ice Ice Baby. The Birdie Song. Who Let The Dogs Out? James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful. Everything Chris Brown has ever recorded. Ireland’s 2019 Eurovision entry. It’s all here in one giant collection of complete and utter shit. But wait. There’s more.

Yes, loads more shit. Gangnam Style. Macarena. Crazy Frog. Will fucking Smith. Kanye cunting West. Justin bastard Bieber. And of course no collection of shit music would be complete without Ronan Keating’s horrendous version of Fairytale Of New York for which he should have been imprisoned and beaten with a shovel.

If these are the songs that get your feet tapping then you really are a dreadful human being with appalling taste in music and this is the album for you. Now That’s What I Call Shit! Get it today. You deserve it.