Man In Pub Wondering If Schofield’s Wife Lets Him Ride Men Now Too Or What’s The Story


A local man who went out for a few pints last night was wondering if Phillip Schofield’s wife is going to let him ride men now too or what. John Daly was in his local chatting with friends and doesn’t understand how this is going to work.

“First of all right, he’s not gay. He has two kids so he’s bisexual. Secondly of all, he said he’s not looking for a gay relationship. Well why the hell come out then? All this hullabaloo for nothing. Just keep it to yourself and carry on as normal. Now every time he goes out the wife’s going to wonder if he’s heading down to the Blue Oyster, if you know what I mean. Although she said she supports him so would she just let him carry on? I don’t get it.”

John is adamant Philip Schofield made the wrong decision telling his family and going public.

“What’s the point in going home to the missus one day and telling her ‘Do you know what love, I’ve just realised I’d like to take it up the chuff but I’m not going to do it so don’t worry about it.’ I mean seriously, what is the point? He’s made a huge mistake here. Why didn’t he just close his eyes every time he was doing the wife and picture George Clooney? That’s what I do. Clooney with a snatch obviously but you can’t have everything.”