Saying King Charles III In An Irish Accent Causing Outrage In Britain

Saying the name of Britain’s new monarch King Charles III in an Irish accent is apparently causing outrage across the water. Our inability to pronounce “th”s has led many Brits to mistakenly believe we’re calling him King Charles the turd and are misinterpreting this as a gross insult.

Dr Henry Jockins is a lecturer in language studies at Trinity College and he told us it’s a simple misunderstanding.

“We don’t pronounce our “th”s. It’s that simple. I mean D4 west-brits do with that horrendous fake accent of theirs but people who speak with a genuine Irish accent don’t. I’ve tried many times and it just comes out sounding ridiculous and I end up covered in spit. So unfortunately the British are just going to have to get used to hearing what they think is us calling their new monarch King Charles the turd.”

Dr Jockins said it’s surprising that they’re suddenly taking offence in Britain when not only have they always known we don’t pronounce our “th”s but they’ve loved making fun of it down through the years.

“I attended university in Cambridge for two years and it was a constant barrage of things like ‘Say turty tree and a turd Paddy’ so they have no grounds to complain now. But good luck to Charles anyway. I think he’ll make a great monarch no matter how ridiculous and silly having kings and queens in this day and age is. I wish him well. Long live King Charles the turd.”