Local Man Shocked To Learn There’s More Than One Irish Satire Website


A local man has been left shocked and confused after learning that there’s more than one Irish satire website. 34 year-old Brian Donnelly from Kildare has always followed just one and said that should be enough for anyone.

“It’s ridiculous, that’s what it is. There’s already an Irish satire website. Who the hell do these other people think they are? There’s no need for any more. While I’m at it there should also only be one Irish comedian and one Irish sitcom. Basically there should just be one of everything.”

There are several Irish online satire webpages on the go today and after discovering one he didn’t recognise, Brian was only delighted to let them know what he thought about their page. He told us he thinks they’ll probably close it down now.

“I don’t find them funny and they’re just gonna have to deal with that. I mean I don’t actually click into the articles obviously but they’re not funny. I commented “Is this meant to be funny?” Lol. Now that’s funny. Maybe I should setup my own comedy page. I’ve been told more than once I’m really funny and believe me when it comes to what’s funny and what’s not my Mother knows what she’s talking about.”