Russia Liberates Mariupol From Its People & Buildings

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed the “liberation” of Mariupol after destroying 95% of its buildings and butchering thousands of its citizens. The former stunningly beautiful city of half a million people in Eastern Ukraine is now a pile of smoking rubble.

Surprisingly there have been no liberation celebrations or welcoming parades for the Russian troops as most of the city’s population have either managed to escape the bombing or are buried in mass graves and under rubble.

Putin has ordered his troops not to storm the Azovstal steel plant in the city – where the last group of Ukrainian fighters and up a thousand civilians remain – telling them to seal it up and starve them out instead.

As expected the UN, NATO and all Western powers and governments with all their military might have decided to sit back and let him get on with it as they don’t want to provoke him into doing something bad.

I mean God forbid anyone makes that man angry. There’s no telling what he might do. Like wipe an entire city off the face of the earth or something. Doesn’t bare thinking about.