Rioter injured in riot sparks more riots

PARIS – More riots have been reported in several cities across France after a rioter was injured in a riot.

18 year-old Omar Bennouna is believed to have sprained his wrist while throwing a petrol bomb at Police in the French capital. As soon as word spread about the teenager’s injury it was decided that there should be a riot in his honour.

France has been engulfed in rampant violence and looting since the shooting dead of 17 year-old Nahel Merzouk by a police officer in Paris last week.

Merzout, described in the media as being underprivileged and from a Moroccan and Algerian background, was driving his €70,000 Mercedes-AMG at high speed in a bus lane and ran several red lights before he eventually got stuck in a traffic jam. When confronted by Police he refused to turn off his engine and then attempted to drive away.

It’s the worst rioting seen in France since last month’s rioting when the government announced a 2 cent increase in the price of a carton of milk.