People Returning To Mass Asked To Bring 15 Weeks Worth Of Cash For Collection Basket

Tullamore Parish

People returning to mass after the lockdown are being asked by the Catholic Church to bring 15 weeks worth of money for the collection basket. Churches and other places of worship can reopen on June 29th after being closed for around 15 weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We spoke to Father Heaney from Tullamore who told us he believes it’s only fair that parishioners should be required to back-date their donations.

“Lots of people were off work and getting paid €350 a week by the government but there was nowhere opened to spend it so by our reckoning most people are now loaded. All we’re asking is that they do the right thing and share their wealth with God. I’m not saying you have to of course, it’s entirely up to you. I mean you don’t have to get into heaven if you don’t want to.”

Father Heaney also criticised the government’s public health advice which allows for a maximum of just 50 people in attendance at Mass.

“That’s just not fair. Look at the size of the church we have in Tullamore. It’s massive. We could get a couple of thousand parishioners in there and still social distance. That’s over a hundred collection baskets full to the brim.”

We asked Father Heaney why God doesn’t just stop people in churches catching the coronavirus and why he allowed it to kill half a million innocent people around the world. He just stared at us blankly for several minutes before replying “Shut up! He works in mysterious ways.”