Catholic Church Use Father Ted Best Bits Video In New Priesthood Recruitment Drive


The Catholic Church in Ireland is hoping to attract new recruits to the priesthood by showing a Father Ted ‘best bits’ video to Leaving Cert students in schools nationwide.

Catholicism has been dying a slow death in Ireland in recent years and Bishop John Delaney said it’s time the church fought back before it’s too late.

“Our reputation is in the gutter right now because of all that other stuff so it’s time we showed the lighter side of what it’s like being a priest in Ireland today and I can tell you now that it’s exactly like being in Father Ted.

“Honestly lads when I first saw that programme I thought it was a documentary. From the minute you wake up in the morning (around 11-ish) every day is filled with non-stop laughter as you get up to all sort of mischief and hilarious shenanigans while being handed all the tea and sandwiches you could ever want.”

Bishop Delaney said any young lads doing their Leaving Cert who haven’t yet decided on a career should give serious consideration to joining the priesthood.

“Tell me any other profession where you could end up delivering milk to women in the nip and representing Ireland in the Eurovision Song contest. And of course you can drink as much as you like. Drink!!” joked the bishop. “Honestly lads it’s pure craic. Why would you bother working?”

So far the video has been shown in over 200 secondary schools around the country and has proven to be hugely popular. Unfortunately the number of students signing up to join the priesthood is holding steady at zero.