Wet Windy Rain And Rainy Wet Wind Today Followed By Rainy Wet Rain Tomorrow


Met Eireann has warned that the entire country can expect to be hit with more wet windy rain and rainy wet wind today. The wet and windy conditions are expected to persist until tonight when it will become even wetter and windier.

Even after Storm Dennis passes, things don’t look much better for the rest of the week. We asked John Farrell of Met Eireann what we have in store and he sent us the following summary.

“Dark clouds will bring heavy downpours tomorrow followed by scattered showers and then some rain. Strong winds will persist throughout the wet conditions making it windy as well as wet.

“The rest of the week will bring wind, rain, windy rain, rainy wind, wet windy rain with some heavy rain in places followed by windy wind and rainy wet rain.

“Apart from a couple of weeks in July the wet and windy conditions will continue for the rest of the year and pretty much the rest of your life so either emigrate or stop moaning. This is Ireland. What the hell do you expect?”