Queen Calls Meghan Markle A ‘Geebag’

The Queen of England has called Meghan Markle a geebag in a conversation with members of the Royal Family during a private dinner party at Buckingham Palace. The Queen was overheard discussing the whole Harry and Meghan situation with those closest to her and wasn’t shy about letting her feelings known.

“I’ve had enough of that annoying geebag.” her majesty said. “She does one’s head in.”

Queen Elizabeth and her late husband Prince Philip visited Ireland in 2011, an event which she constantly refers to as one of the most enjoyable trips she has ever taken anywhere in the world. She loved the people and became a huge fan of Irish slang, which she has been using frequently ever since.

Just last week she called Boris Johnson a gobshite and his foreign secretary Dominic Raab a fecking eejit. When Donald Trump presented her with a bottle of wine from his own vineyard during his visit to London as President of the United States two years ago she told him to shove it up his hole.

Meanwhile Meghan Markle’s publicist Johnny Rubenstein said his client will respond to the accusation of being a geebag as soon as they can figure out what the hell a geebag is.