Putin Hopes Irish People Will One Day Be Free From “Corrupt Tyrants” Running The Country

Vlad the lad

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sympathised with the people of Ireland and said he hopes they will one day be free from the “corrupt tyrants” running the country. Speaking to reporters in Moscow during a routine press conference, Mr. Putin turned his attention to Ireland and said recent events show the country is under the control of “deceitful, treacherous gangsters who only exist to line their pockets at the expense of the Irish people.”

“The situation there is very sad. My heart goes out to the people of Ireland. They are being ruled by a bunch of conniving hypocrites who would put Stalin to shame. I believe it’s time for the international community to step in and impose sanctions on the country’s leaders. Or if the Irish people want me to send troops in just say the word.”

Mr. Putin said that whatever happens the dire situation in Ireland should not be allowed to continue and he had the following message for people here.

“I hope that soon the Irish people will rise up and say ‘No more!’ Do whatever it takes to take your country back from these spineless, worthless and dishonest so-called leaders. Anything it takes. Personally I’d just poison the cunts.”