Anti-lockdown Protesters To Continue Protesting Against Lockdown After It’s Over

Anti-lockdown protesters have said they intend to continue protesting against the lockdown, even when there’s no lockdown. Spokesman Brian Delaney, who says he’s also anti-vax, anti-5G, anti-mask, anti-science and anti-foreigners, said stopping the protests would be a sign of weakness.

“We will never stop. We will not be silenced by this government and we will not accept their lies. Even when there is no more lockdown we will not accept the lockdown.”

We asked Brian if he’s always been mental or if it’s just a recent development.

“Shut the fuck up!” he replied. “You’re the mental one. How can you fall for this hoax? Are you so stupid that you actually believe there’s really a virus. The government wants to kill us all. They want to control us. I mean they want to control us first obviously and then kill us. But do not take the vaccine. That’s how they’re going to kill us. But only after they’ve controlled us for a while first. At least I think that’s what that website said. Did I mention facemasks contain chemicals that turn people gay?”