“I Loved The Prodigy” Says Man Who Only Ever Heard Firestarter

sad man

The sad and untimely death of Prodigy front man Keith Flint has lead to an outpouring of grief from music fans all over the world, even those who are clearly lying. As is always the case when someone famous dies, people who never even mentioned them before suddenly claim to have been huge fans. 45 year-old Brian Heffernan from Dublin shared his feelings about Flint’s tragic death on social media.

“Absolutely gutted. Yeah I loved the Prodigy. It’s easily one of my top ten songs of all time. I just can’t believe the news.”

Brian admits he had no idea what Keith Flint’s name was until yesterday but says that won’t stop him being “gutted” over the passing of one of his music heroes.

“I’m devastated. I mean I never saw The Prodigy live or bought any of their stuff or knew any of their names or anything about them but every time Firestarter came on the radio I turned it up. Every time! What can I say? I was a huge fan.”

Brian said he’s going to grieve when he goes home this evening by cracking open a beer and watching the Firestarter video on Youtube at least a couple of times.

“I’m going to raise a glass to the memory of a true music legend and one of my all time heroes. Thanks for the music Kev.”