Manchester United’s 4 Remaining Players Return For Pre-Season Training


Manchester United’s 4 remaining players returned for pre-season training yesterday as the Red Devils prepare to begin their defence of 6th place in the English Premier League. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sold half the team during the summer and several other players phoned in sick yesterday morning while they desperately search for another club to join which leaves United with a total squad of 4. Solskjaer however was in upbeat mood when talking to reporters.

“As you can see the lads are raring to go. There’s only 4 of them but I think teams can have too many players on the pitch to be honest and they can end up getting in each other’s way. Luke Shaw looks like he’s been at the fridge again so we’ll stick him in goals and most things should bounce off him. I don’t believe the 1-1-1 formation has been tried before either so teams won’t know how to cope with us.”

United are finding it hard to attract star players mainly because they won’t be involved in the Champions League next season. They had hoped to sign Matthijs de Ligt from Ajax and although the highly rated Dutch defender is keen to move to England he’s refusing to join United because of their diminishing trophy prospects and lack of quality and is said to be holding out for an offer from Salford City instead.