Toddler Waits Until On Board Plane To Do Massive Foul-Smelling Dump


A local toddler who was on his way to Lanzarote with his parents for a 2-week holiday this morning held in a massive foul-smelling dump until he was on board the plane.

2-year old Conor Mooney from Tullamore had several opportunities to use the lavatory in Dublin Airport before boarding the flight including when his Father Kevin sat him up on a toilet and told him if he had anything in there he better get it out now as he might not get another chance for at least an hour.

“I can’t prove it but I’d swear he does this on purpose.” said Kevin. “The sign to keep your seatbelt on didn’t go off for about 45 minutes so I couldn’t change him for ages. He just had this big grin on his face and then began laughing hysterically when passengers all around us started reaching for their sick bags.”

We asked child psychologist Dr. Suzy Sherlock if there might be some kind of medical issue in this case or if Kevin’s suggestion that his son does it on purpose could actually be true.

She told us “There are no medical conditions where a child holds it in until he or she is in a crowded environment and then does it and finds it hilarious. Take it from me, the little bastard’s doing it on purpose.”