Outrage As Millionaire Told He Has To Abide By Same Laws As Everyone Else

Morons everywhere have been left outraged today after a judge in Australia told a multi-millionaire tennis player that he has to abide by the same laws as everyone else. Unvaccinated Serbian Novak Djokovic has been deported from Australia after losing a court appeal against the cancellation of his visa.

Angry street protests erupted in his native Serbia where the country’s president Aleksandar Vučić told a crowd in Belgrade “How dare they treat Novak the same as everyone else. Don’t they know he’s famous and has loads of money?”

The only options for non-citizens entering Australia at the moment are vaccination or medical exemption. Unfortunately for Djokovic, who now admits he made an error (lied) on his application, prior infection is not a valid reason for exemption.

The Djokovic saga is of course not about whether you believe in covid vaccines but whether you believe rich celebrities should play by the same rules as everyone else. Novak Djokovic has the right not to be jabbed and Australia has the right to throw him out for lying on his visa application and for being an arrogant dickhead. Game, set and match Australia.