‘I’m Proud And Humbled The People Have Chosen Fine Gael As Their Opposition Party’


Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar claimed last night that he is very proud the people of Ireland have chosen his party to be in opposition. He said it is an honour and a privilege and he can’t wait to take up his new role of complaining about how terrible everything is.

“The people have spoken and they have said they want Fine Gael to lead the opposition. It is very humbling and I can assure them we will repay their faith in us by giving out about everything the new government does from day one, no matter what they do.”

Mr. Varadkar said he enjoyed his time as Taoiseach but accepts that maybe it’s time for someone else to take over, adding that he can’t wait to lay into them.

“The job of the opposition is to complain about how terrible everything is while ignoring the absolute shit-show we left behind and we intend to keep that tradition going. That’s what Fianna Fáil have done for the last nine years and now it’s our turn. Don’t you just love Irish politics?”