Odds Slashed On John Delaney Being Reappointed To The FAI

Bookmakers have slashed odds on John Delaney being reappointed to the FAI after it emerged yesterday that Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin is about to become Taoiseach. Paddy Power managing director Seán Dillon said as crazy as it sounds to most people it’s become clear that nothing is impossible anymore.

“Yesterday we learned that a man who once rode the hole off the country is about to become leader of the country. Why wouldn’t a man who left the FAI in financial ruin be put in charge of the FAI? It’s the Irish way.”

Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar famously claimed in a TV debate during the general election campaign that returning Fianna Fáil to power would be like letting John Delaney run the FAI again. This week Mr. Varadkar agreed to facilitate the return of Fianna Fáil to power.

Seán Dillon said it just goes to show that it’s virtually impossible to predict anything these days and people could win big by betting on the most unlikely events.

“I’ve just put €500 on Leo Varadkar to get pissed and sing Come Out Ye Black & Tans while wearing an Easter lily at Charlie Flanagan’s 65th birthday bash. Why the hell not? Stranger things have happened. Like Micheál fuckin’ Martin becoming Taoiseach.”