NPHET Tells Government ‘When We Want Your Opinion We’ll Give It To You’

The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet later today to consider its advice to the Government on whether or not to extend lockdown restrictions beyond July 5th, although spokesman Dr. Ronan Glynn said he wouldn’t call what they give the government advice.

“I wouldn’t say we advise the government. We tell them what to do. We are the experts after all and our opinions are the ones that matter. What we say should be what happens. We’re all doctors for God’s sake. What’s Miche├íl Martin, a pig farmer?”

The Taoiseach confirmed the Cabinet would meet earlier than expected this week to discuss NPHET’s recommendations on whether to extend restrictions, including those on indoor hospitality. Dr. Glynn however said he doesn’t see the point.

“What are they meeting for? It’s like a classroom of kids discussing what lessons to learn in school. The teachers decide not the pupils. Just do what we tell you to do. When we want the government’s opinion we’ll give it to them.”

Dr. Glynn was asked what NPHET will be recommending the government do regarding indoor dining.

“Ireland should be proud that we’re the only country in the EU with no indoor dining. It makes us unique and different. Like driving on the left or spice burgers. We will be telling the government to keep indoor dining closed and to shut down outdoor dining too. People have plenty of food at home. The Supermarkets are open for God’s sake, what more do you want? It’s far from dining you lot were reared. Stop trying to act all posh.”

The government’s decision on indoor hospitality is expected tomorrow.