“Covid-Free” North Korea Asks For 25 Million Vaccines

Despite claiming to have had no Covid cases, North Korea has asked for 25 million vaccines which they say are for research purposes only. The highly secretive state’s supreme leader Kim Yong-Un claimed last year that his country was entirely coronavirus-free and told CNN in January that every other country in the world is a shithole.

“There has not been one single case of coronavirus recorded in a hospital in North Korea. Not one. What do you think of that America? Okay so we don’t have hospitals but still, you can’t argue with those numbers.”

However, in an unexpected move, Mr Yong-un or Mr. Kim or whatever the hell it is has now asked the World Health Organisation if there’s any chance of getting 25 million vaccines.

“Obviously we don’t need them, we just want to see what all the fuss is about. See what it looks like. See what’s in it. Maybe open a few bottles. Read the instructions on how to administer it. Pray to God those instructions are in Korean. That sort of thing. But we don’t need it. By the way, they do include syringes with the shipment don’t they because we don’t need them either. 25 million should do the trick.”