Conservative MP’s Call For Vote Of No Confidence In New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

High ranking members of Britain’s Conservative Party have began calling for a vote of no confidence in their new party leader and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Jill Mortimer, a member of parliament for Hartlepool, said in a post on Facebook “The deteriorating situation in our country since he became Prime Minister two hours ago has left me with no choice but to submit a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister. He has to go.”

Gareth Bacon, Conservative MP for Orpington, said Mr Sunak has been in the job long enough and told reporters it’s time for him to step aside.

“We need to have a new leadership contest as soon as possible so we can name our new party leader on Monday and then have a vote of no confidence in him on Tuesday.”

King Charles meanwhile has apparently had enough and has sent word to Conservative Party headquarters, telling them that the next person they send to Buckingham Palace to be sworn in as Prime Minister will be shot dead at the front gate. More on this breaking news as we get it.