Newly Approved Emojis Include Man In Wedding Dress And Gender-Neutral Santa


A man in a wedding dress and a gender-neutral Santa will soon appear on our phones and other devices after a series of new emojis were approved for release. The aim of the new characters is to make the selection of images more inclusive and further additions to the updated list will be a woman with a beard and a man breast-feeding a baby with his man-boobs.

Frank Willis from Unicode Consortium who are responsible for the new emojis said it’s time for people to “get with the programme”.

“Traditional men and women are so yesterday and frankly they’re boring. This is 2020 not 1920. Heterosexuality belongs is the past and those sort of emojis will eventually be phased out. Honestly when I see a man and woman kissing it turns my stomach. Do they really have to do it in public? Keep it in the bedroom, perverts.”

Mr. Willis said there are no plans to put men in hijabs or burkas or to mess with any traditional Muslim dress codes in the foreseeable future as he and his colleagues don’t want to die.