Facebook Friend Who Reads All Your Posts But Never Clicks Like Thinks You Haven’t Noticed


We all have them. Those Facebook friends who you know are reading all your posts but for some reason are determined to never ‘like’ any of them. But why? What’s the reason behind it? Catherine Farrelly from Dublin told us her friend Paula is one such person.

“I see she’s online liking other stuff at the same time but never likes any of my posts for some reason. It’s a bit odd. We’re quite friendly so I’m not sure why she’s decided to be a weird bitch.”

We called Paula and asked her if there’s any particular reason she never likes Catherine’s posts even though she reads all of them.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said, clearly lying. “I’m never on Facebook anymore. Can’t even remember my password. The reason I didn’t like Catherine’s post about her holiday in Cyprus for example or the 12 photos of her at Electric Picnic she put up on Monday morning is because I didn’t see them.”

We asked social media psychologist Dr. Anne Rutledge what she believes is the motive behind withholding likes on platforms such as Facebook and if people engaging in such behaviour might do so for subconscious psychological reasons. She told us “No, they’re just dickheads.”