Irish Players Begin Preparations For Next Match By Learning National Anthem

The Republic of Ireland squad are preparing for Wednesday’s Uefa Nations League game against Finland by learning the words to the National Anthem. Many fans took to social media during yesterday’s scoreless draw to complain about the lack of singing from the Irish players during Amhrán na bhFiann nearly as much as they complained about the terrible match itself.

After fans voiced their disgust during last week’s game when all 11 Slovakian players passionately belted out their National Anthem and just 3 Irish players sort of mimed bits of theirs, it was hoped things might have changed for yesterday’s match in Dublin. However once again the players resembled a bunch of bored schoolboys who hadn’t bothered studying for their Irish oral.

Manager Stephen Kenny has finally decided to address the issue and believes it may be contributing to the lack of passion being shown by the players on the pitch.

“All of yesterday’s starting eleven were born in Ireland so if they think they’re going to just stand there looking all bored and uninterested they’re in for a shock. Anyone who can’t sing the whole anthem to me by Wednesday morning doesn’t play. And in Irish. None of that Soldier’s Song bollocks. It’s Amhrán na bhFiann word for word or your arse is warming the bench.

“I want these players to show passion for their country like we’ve seen from Irish players in the past. Who can forget Robbie Keane belting out Amhrán na bhFiann with his hand on his heart in Japan in 2002 or Matt Holland singing God Save The Queen at Wembley in 2000?”