NPHET Recommends Making Restaurant Customers Wear Masks Between Mouthfuls

NPHET have said people dining in restaurants should have to wear face masks between each mouthful while eating their meals. The group set up to advise the government duing the coronavirus pandemic have been criticised in the past for their overly strict recommendations and show no signs of changing any time soon.

Spokesman Dr. Ronan Glynn said “After food has entered the mouth, people should immediately put back on their masks while chewing. Having swallowed the food and only after the next mouthful has been gathered on the eating utensil, be it a fork or spoon, and raised up to the mouth, only then should the mask be lowered again.”

Dr. Glynn also said he believes the same rule should be applied to people drinking in wet pubs when they reopen.

“Unfortunately pubs will get to reopen some day even though we had advised the government to close them forever and knock them all down. But when they do open, we hope to make it a legal requirement that their customers can only lower their masks when taking a sip. They must then pull them back up and leave them up until taking the next sip. The dirty drunken feckers.”