Local Woman Shares Yet Another Post Of A Missing Person Who Was Found Years Ago


A local woman who likes to share ‘Missing Person’ posts on Facebook is unaware that she has never actually shared a post of a person who is still missing. 32 year-old Marie Joyce from Kildare shared a post earlier today of a girl missing in Canada even though she was found safe and well four and a half years ago.

“I just like to do my bit.” said the dopey cow. “It takes a second to share a post and maybe if more people did that there would be less bad stuff happening the world. I offer up my thoughts and prayers that this girl will turn up alive. Please help her Jesus and baby Jesus. I bet I know which of my friends will share this post.”

Of course if Marie would just tap on the photo she’d see the original post and maybe notice the two thousand comments telling people the girl has since got married and had two children and calling those still sharing it gobshites.

However that’s never going to happen and Marie will continue to share Missing Person posts of people who aren’t missing anymore for as long as she lives because she’s just that stupid.

“I’ll never ignore a post of a missing person and not share it. How can anyone do that? Don’t they know that every time Bono clicks his fingers a child goes missing in Africa? I guess some people just don’t care like I do.”