RTE Soccer Panel Voted Most Miserable People On Earth


Ever noticed that after a 4-0 result, while other pundits on other channels are admiring the goals the lads on RTE spend the whole show talking about the ‘dreadful’ defending that led to the goals? Well you’re not alone because RTE’s soccer panel have finally been recognised for their non-stop depressing negativity and have been voted Most Miserable People on Earth.

We caught up with the lads after the ceremony at the plush Kensington Hotel in London and asked Liam Brady how it felt to be honoured for his TV punditry.

“Yeah it’s good to win an award but what about the guys who didn’t win? Let’s talk about them for a couple of hours. Why didn’t they win the award? Did they not prepare for tonight because from what I saw they’re not up to the job and at this level that’s just not good enough?”

Richard Sadlier has become a regular on RTE’s soccer panel over the last few years and we asked him if he’s feeling proud to be part of an award winning team. After pausing for 20 minutes to think about the question, he eventually responded.

“Match of the Day may have a great theme tune but that’s not good enough on its own and that’s why Lineker and Shearer are going home empty handed tonight. The fans in England who pay their licence fee must feel cheated and so they should. I’m sad for them. I’m sad for everyone. Basically I’m just really, really sad.”

He may be retired now but the unmistakable Eamon Dunphy accepted the award on the panel’s behalf. This is the first time the controversial pundit has been recognised for his television work. Surely Eamon would be in the mood to celebrate. We asked him for his reaction to winning the award.

“Spoofers! Absolute spoofers and chancers the lot of them. They’re a disgrace to the beautiful game and don’t deserve to wear the shirt of that great club. They should be ashamed of themselves. They’re an embarrassment and they should apologise to the fans.”

We asked Eamon who the hell he was talking about. He told us “Oh I don’t even know anymore. Just go and get me a drink will ya?”